There are 2 reasons really why I am penning down this article.

  1. I failed at a job interview once because I didn’t know what dependency injection means even though I blatantly uttered Spring is used as a framework for dependency injection.
  2. Because everytime I have to reject a candidate who explains the advantages of DI as low coupling but have no idea what coupling/cohesion means, I cringe a lil.

Even though an awful lot of literature exists on what dependency injection is or why people are hell bent on using dependency injection, I’m convinced it’s worth taking a shot to…

When I started my professional journey in 2017, this buzzword kept coming to my ears more than my own name or the famous word for us, Intern. Of all the buzz words I heard, this was the most difficult to grasp, as whenever I searched/asked for it, a new buzzword would come up like learn Jenkins or AWS devops, or deployment pipeline. For someone that has always created isolated projects, these terms are all unknown. So, here I’m writing this article to add understanding about this and bring some sanity to those still struggling with the same question. …

More often than not I meet developers who have been in the industry for a very long time, having a good grasp on their technology stack, favourite shortcut commands, and other productivity tools. The only missing part of the puzzle is deployment, to know what tools are used or how your code gets automatically deployed with all the dependencies you’ve locally added on your system. The heart of a CI-CD pipeline is dockers, and this article is dedicated to impart some knowledge into some of the buzzwords of the devops community, and make dockers easier to use and implement.


If you’ve somehow stumbled upon this article I assume you’re the kind of person who likes to make a pro/con list and then rationally evaluate if they want to do something. This article provides insights from my personal life experiences and is strictly a not to do list for Data Science in general.

A lil bit of background on myself, I am a Postgraduate from the mighty IIIT Bangalore, famous for….take a guess, maybe? Yepp wouldn’t crack this. The college is extremely popular for its data science courses both in Masters and PGDM.

Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence….these terms…

If you’re an engineer still struggling to understand why Cloud Technology is most popular or why it is the one stop solution for every company, or you want to explain it to your six year old child, this article is for you. Let’s first start by answering what cloud is not?

Sorry to break your bubble there, but cloud isn’t magic and is entirely a concept made by humans, for humans, just like God and Crypto-currency and every other thing in life.

Since we’ve parked that out of the picture, let’s start by answering the right questions, what is…

Kritika Agarwal

Software Engineer, Mentor, Blogger, Shitposter, hustling for goals to become history.

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